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Baltimore Precision Instruments

I have had some exciting assignments from local clients, and I hope to get more. I just opened an account with Thumbtack in the pursuit of new clients. Check it out here:
Exceptional Custom Illustration
I love to get advertising and editorial assignments, and especially to create custom greeting cards for local companies — it helps promote business for both of us!

Red Canoe Children’s Books & Coffee House

2 thoughts on “New Promotion Tool

  1. Hi again. When I saw this picture I said “Oh, no!” The story I’ve been trying to get published for a year now is about a snowman that turns into a little white dog–a Westie to be precise–so my dog has ears that point up rather than flop. Whew! Glad yours isn’t a book just in case I do get published.

    • Well, this image is a holiday greeting for Baltimore Precision Instruments, a microscope repair company owned by an old friend of mine (who also has great talent for Art Direction). So I don’t think it will be competition for your snowman/Westie story, which sounds fun, by the way!

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