Pandas’ Earthquake Escape

written by Phyllis Perry illustrated by Susan Detwiler

Sylvan Dell Publishing 2010

978-1-607180-715  (hardcover) 978-1-607180-821  (paperback)

The fictional story of the survival of a Giant panda mother and cub in the 2008 real-life earthquake in Sichuan, China. Confused and afraid, the pandas run from their damaged reserve and encounter an unfamiliar world.

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"It's a darling story, and illustrator Susan Detwiler's rich portrayal successfully brings the tale to life. With its giant panda fun facts and its historical earthquake dates, places and figures, "Pandas' Earthquake Escape" is a worthy addition to a classroom or home library."-Bettie Erikson

Mom's Choice Award Gold

USA Book News "Best Books" finalist

Finalist for the Colorado Authors' League Award