On The Move: Mass Migrations

written by Scotti Cohn
illustrated by Susan Detwiler

Sylvan Dell Publishing 2013

9781607186168  (hardcover)
9781607186281  (paperback)

Travel along with North American animals of many kinds as they gather in huge numbers and at predictable times, and find out why they migrate. Birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects are on the move for a variety of reasons including food availability and life cycles.

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"Most youngsters are fascinated by animals of all kinds, and that fascination is fed by wonderful books as children become proficient readers at the third grade reading level. On the Move: Mass Migrations should become a staple for students’ reading lists, although it certainly can be a read aloud book for younger children as well.

On the Move: Mass Migrations has sections discussing the migrations of spotted salamanders, sandhill cranes, horseshoe crabs, caribou, chimney swifts, Brazilian free-tail bats, monarch butterflies, polar bears, snakes, elephant seals, salmon, and gray whales. These represent animals from a wide variety of places on the North American continent. Some move in order to find food, some to find mates, some need to go from a cold climate to a warmer one, some to find an appropriate or safe place to give birth or lay their eggs. Some sections discuss more than one season’s migrations for an animal. The section on horseshoe crabs even tells about red knot birds and common green darner dragonflies which both have a relationship to the crabs and the crabs’ habitat, but have their own migration patterns as well. Every section (or spread) has a lush, detailed illustration to give youngsters a true picture of the animals in their natural habitat. Everything in this beautiful book will delight youngsters and whet their curiosity and start their interest flowing. It will surely lead to further questioning and learning."
~3rd Grade Reading

2014 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books