It’s Considerate to be Literate about Religion

written by Steven C. Cunningham

illustrated by Susan Detwiler

Orange Hat Publishing, 2022

9781645384137 (hardcover)

9781645384366 (paperback)

This is a book of poems and prose for young readers, their parents, and their teachers. It incorporates the motif of using the names of things (nomenclature) to introduce topics that otherwise may be unfamiliar, such as the difference between the religious and the secular, or between a devotional approach to practicing a religion and an academic approach to studying religion, or among all the various ways one can be religiously literate and religiously illiterate.

Author proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting children and religious literacy.

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"Well-produced, accessibly written, and beautifully illustrated, this book encourages the kind of well-informed engagement with religions that is all too rare, and yet increasingly a requirement of civilized encounter with others in our time."

~Bruce D. Chilton, PhD, MDiv, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Philosophy and Religion; Director, Institute of Advanced Theology, Bard College

"This book provides indispensable nuance, compassion, and empathy to how diverse people grapple with humanity’s enduring questions. It is a beautiful introduction to how we should orient ourselves around religious literacy and difference."

~Benjamin Sax, PhD, Jewish Scholar, Institute for Islamic, Christian, Jewish Studies, Baltimore, MD